FAQ - Learning to Fly

Some basic questions and answers for future student pilots

1. Where to start?

Caboolture Recreational Aviation can arrange a "Trial Instructional Flight" and explain the requirements to begin flying

2. Can anybody learn to fly?

Solo flight is allowed from the age of 15 years for Recreational Aviation. Recreational Flying requires students to be of a medical standard to be able to hold a drivers licence - no medical is required.

3. How long before I can get my Pilot Certificate?

Your instructor will send you solo when he is confident that you are ready. This milestone usually takes around 12 hours. Further training can take as long as needed to reach required standards. An organized program will be planned. Approximately 30 hours training is required to obtain a Recreational Licence with Navigation.

4. What about examinations?

We can arrange classes to help you understand the necessary subjects and prepare for the examination subjects such as Navigation are thorough but not beyond the ability of an enthusiastic student. All examinations are held at the flying school.

5. What can I do once I've obtained my Licence?

The enjoyment of flying yourself and friends is always available. Providing you fly regularly, then you have a pilot's licence for life.

6. How much does it cost?

Flying Instruction is charged on an hourly rate. This is either Dual (with an instructor) or Solo. Your training program will be organised to suit your budget.

7. Joining Us

Caboolture Recreational Aviation aims to offer recreational flying in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Our pilot's lounge is a place where aviators can meet and enjoy the Warbirds atmosphere.