Caboolture Recreational Aviation is a flight school specialising in RAAus Recreational Pilot Training. Established over 20 years ago, we train students of all ages to achieve their goals, whether it's something you've always wanted to experience or you're starting an aviation career and moving onto the commercial/airline industry. We not only train sons and daughters, mums and dad's but also have many current airline pilots who fly with us to keep their skills current, enjoying traditional 'stick and rudder' flying. All our aircraft are maintained to the highest standards, being factory-built and maintained by long standing qualified LAME engineers. Our CFI (Chief Flying Instructor) - has over 20,000 flight hours including Recreational, GA, Commercial and Airline experience.

RAAus Recreational Flying is based on the very successful LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) in the US/Europe, providing a fun, safe way to learn to fly which is affordable enough to enjoy long after your initial certificate has been achieved. Recreational Pilots can achieve their Pilot Certificate as young as 15 or well over 70 as long as you are medically fit to hold an Australian driver's licence and have no serious physical or mental illness which would affect your abilities to fly (contact us for further details). Pilots worldwide never forget the feeling and sense of achievement of their first SOLO flight as Pilot-In-Command - so what's holding you back?

We are located at Caboolture Aerodrome which is ideally placed with easy access from Brisbane and Sunshine Coast via the Bruce Highway. It has four (4) well maintained runways and close proximity to great views of the Glass House Mountains, Bribie Island and the picturesque Moreton Bay/Island area.

Take the first step and call us or drop into our lounge for a coffee - you'll never look at the sky the same way again!

We provide all your aviation needs
  • RAAus Certified Training Provider
  • GA and Commercial conversions to RAAus
  • Extra RAAus endorsements
    • Tail Wheel (a great way to improve your stick and rudder skills)
    • Navigation
    • Passenger
  • Biennial Flight Reviews
  • Pilot Supply Shop - up-to-date MAPS, training manuals, headsets, etc.
  • Written examination centre for RAAus
  • Training Manuals and (optionally) trainer based classes for all content
  • Free advice and an open learning environment, as pilots we never stop learning

RAAus Recreational Certificate
  • Fly within 25nm of origin (with your Pilot Certificate)
  • Fly across Australia (with Navigation endorsement) - landing at large and small aerodromes and see Australia from a whole new perspective
  • Take a passenger - share the love of flight with friends and family
  • Follow a set Syllabus to ensure quality standards
  • Learn Pre/Post Flight Checks and learn to improve your situation awareness
  • Be medically fit to hold an Australian driver's licence
  • Fly solo from age 15 and up (competency-based achievement)